Charmed Life Challenge

I came across this recently (today being 6th Feb 2012) via Inside The Scrap Heap which was via Finding Alisa which was lead to the original host Pink of Perfection.

I really like the idea of it, so thought I would give it a go. No time restraint and no promises, however I will make absolutely every effort to at least take a picture of each one if nothing else. While I have done some of these before, I will only include things I have done from today onwards. On we go…

1. Give something broken a new life (a skirt, a squeaky wheel, scuffed shoes).
2. Put something beautiful on a bit of blank wall you see every day.
3. Wear something you love that you think “just isn’t you.”
4. Send a thank you note, for anything.
5. Spend an afternoon reading.
6. Cook in a vintage apron.
7. Have luncheon: a slow midday meal with cloth napkins and wine.
8. Go out of your way to do something kind for a stranger (offer a seat, hold the door, leave your copy of Us Weekly on the elliptical).
9. Donate five items from your closet that don’t make you feel unstoppably gorgeous.
10. Take care of a nagging life admin item (a trip to the post office, filing an insurance claim, making a doctor’s appointment).
11. Buy an utterly frivolous piece of lingerie.
12. Invite friends over for cocktails, dinner, or brunch.
13. Wake up an hour early to have a leisurely morning.
14. Try something that looks like pure fun (accordion, crochet, burlesque).
15. Dance. In public, in the living room, with a partner, with yourself.
16. Flirt with a stranger. (Smiling counts.)
17. Get rid of five things in your home that don’t bring you pleasure.
18. Go to a parfumerie or department store in search of a signature scent.
19. Buy flowers for your home or office.
20. Make a recipe from a fruit, vegetable, meat or fish you’ve never cooked before.
21. Walk barefoot in the grass or on the sand.
22. Have a media-free day.
23. Write down everything you feel grateful for.
24. Hold a baby.
25. Pet a puppy.
26. Ask someone to tell you their life story.
28. Read a biography of your favorite glamorous screen star, or the bravest, most badass real life heroine.
29. Eat fresh berries, straight from the green paper pint.
30. Create an occasion to wear your most impractical pair of shoes.
31. Write down your wildest dreams.
32. Have a proper weekday coffee break: ceramic cup, idle gossip, and staring out a window.
33. Visit a playground and swing.
34. Make lemonade. (Literally or figuratively.)
35. Go to a junk or antique store; consider what your favorite object has seen in its life.
36. Jump in a body of water. Float.
37. Give someone a hug; let them let go first.
38. Look at the stars.
39. Replace one utilitarian item you use every day––a measuring spoon, a file folder, a key chain––with something really, really beautiful.
40. Pamper your body with a massage, an overdue haircut, a trip to the sauna, or a soak in the tub.
41. Research something that sparks your curiosity (Arthurian legend, photosynthesis, investing). If you’re still curious after a 15-minute google session, dive deeper.
42. Make a collage of beautiful images that resonate with you.
43. Read aloud to someone you love.
44. Forgive yourself.
45. Forgive someone else.
46. Spend an hour in silent reflection.
47. Dine by candlelight on a weeknight.
48. Take a walk after dinner.
49. Wear your no-fail, cheer-me-up lipstick.
50. Give a genuine compliment to an acquaintance.
51. Have a glass of champagne, just because.
52. Spend one day taking pictures of everything you find beautiful.
53. Describe your perfect day in writing.
54. Block out an afternoon (or day) on the calendar to make some (or all) of it real.
55. Select one drawer or surface and organize it.
56. Write a love letter.
57. Do something you loved as a child.
58. Upgrade your sleep wear, or go Marilyn-style.
59. Do the one thing you were relieved/sad wasn’t on this list.
60. Pretend for one day that you are as confident and amazing as you want to be.
61. Buy fresh flowers for your home
62. Take 15 minutes to eat a delicious, artisan dark truffle
63. Go skinny dipping (or at least go swimming)
64. Visit the farmer’s market and inquire about the life of one farmer. Get into his/her world.
65. Tell someone exactly what you desire without shame
66. Spend a day doing nothing except relax
67. Throw a dinner party
68. Dress up to go to the grocery store (I’m talking make-the-butcher-turn-his-head dressing up)
69. Send a surprise I-think-you’re-fabulous handwritten note to someone
70. Get a massage
71. Bring up an intoxicating topic with friends (anything around love or travel is always a good choice)
72. Choose a feeling you desire to experience and think/do/be whatever it takes to create it
73. Serve your dinner in courses and spend at least twenty minutes with each. End with a bite of something delicious.
75. Do something completely out of character (for example, if you’re shy, force yourself to say hello to a stranger)
76. Write a love note to yourself
77. Invite someone you desire to know to lunch
78. Put a trip on your calendar that you desire to take within the next 6 months
79. Learn 5 new words in a foreign language and actually use them
80. Kiss someone (even if it’s your dog)
81. Try an exotic food you’ve never tasted
82. Pretend that everyone loves you and wants you to be a huge success
83. Light candles
84. Ask more questions and talk less
85. Read a poem to someone you love
86. Teach a kid something they’ll never forget (e.g. card trick, secret handshake or a funny word like gardyloo)
87. Take one small step that frightens you
88. Wear a flower in your hair
89. Pretend for one day that you don’t know your age
90. Watch a foreign film
91. Throw a slumber party
92. Turn a common dish into a delicacy (e.g. truffled popcorn, carmelized onion burgers, grilled brie and pear sandwiches)
93. Brag on yourself at least 5 times
94. Pay extra special attention to your posture
95. Listen to romantic, sexy music all day
96. Speak love to every animal you see, including insects
97. Send your worst enemy flowers anonymously (it really does feel good)
98. Catch moments of negativity and charge them with laughter
99. Donate $10 to your favorite charity. Every little thing matters
100. Smile a lot. Best beauty tip on the marke

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