6 Months

June 4th, 2013 | Posted by Andie in Matthew | Ramble

Oh dear

Dates don’t lie. It really has been over 6 months since I last updated my blog

Well, lets quickly have a bullet point list of things which have been happening (in no particular order)

– Brought a house (March 13)

-Moved into the House (April 13)

– #2 is on the way, due middle of September. We have chosen to have a surprise again, but baby is all healthy and that’s all that really matters

– Matthew is a little parrot. He has a lot of words, we’ve lost count of how many. His sentences are getting better and better, he even uses some ‘inbetween’ words such as in, on, and etc. Sentences can be 6 or 7 words long.

– Matthew can count to 12. He could count to 10 from the beginning of the year, and increased it to 12 in April

– He also knows most of his basic colours, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, grey, black, white, purple, pink etc

– His favourite TV shows are Wiggles, Hi5, Giggle and Hoot and Elmo. Matthew knows how to turn on the Western Digital, and either go to youtube and type in “HI5” or go into his folder and play Wiggles episodes.

– Matthew is still sleeping in our bed, but he is sleeping through the night for the most part. He still has an occasional breastfeed, but no where near as frequently anymore

– He calls himself ‘Yew’ but in the last few days has started saying “Mattyew” occasionally. He still calls me ‘Mummum’ and Rob ‘Daddy’

– Rob is working full time on Level 2 Systems now and has been since the end of last year. For the most part he seems to be enjoying what he is doing.

– Matthew dropped regular day sleeps around his second birthday. Now he has the occasional day sleep, but for the better part of the day he is awake 8am-9pm. Entertaining him for that long is near impossible.

– I’m still working on my applicancy to become a LLL Leader. The aim is to have it done by August so the paperwork can all be finished before baby arrives.

Here is a photo of Matthew holding a bunny a couple of months back :)


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