Day 05: My hometown

November 8th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

Auckland is a pretty big place. It’s not so much a home town as it is a giant city sprawled out over a bunch of land. But it’s where I’ve always lived, so can’t complain.

Specifically I associate myself with East Auckland, growing up and living in a couple of different areas over the course of 27 years. Rob and I are also looking at buying in East Auckland, though the prices have gone up quite a bit recently. I spend a lot of time in Howick, it’s gone from being a retirement location to having lots of families, especially ones with young kids. There are local markets, lots of playgrounds, beaches, playgroups, schools etc, which makes it a great suburb.

I find now that I’m bringing up Matthew in the area I was brought up in, some of the activities that he’s doing at at the same I did stuff as a kid. We go swimming at the same pools, he does gymnastics at the same place I used to, the libraries are still there. I’m sure as Matthew gets a bit older, there will be more similar things, based off what his interests are. We might move away at some point, but for now I’m quite content hanging out in the suburbs I know.

Howick Beach in the middle of the day, there was another mum and toddler there as well as some kids doing boating lessons. How lucky that we have so many beaches to choose from.

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