Day 01: A place I’d like to travel

November 5th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

Fall is here
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I was never big on travelling when I was younger. Not for long periods of time anyway. A lot of kiwis head over to England for their OE’s and all the stories I had really heard were about kiwis who spend a lot of time at the pub and have very little money in general. Not very appealing.

America was never a place I was big on going to visit. Not until recently anyway. Now I’ve decided I want to go live there for a year. Summer on the west coast, somewhere in California where it’s nice and warm. Autumn in mid America, maybe Ohio or Nebraska, just somewhere where the leaves change colour and there are big pumpkin patches for Halloween. Winter in New York City, from everything I’ve seen it just looks fantastic. I haven’t decided where I’d base myself in Spring, maybe just travel around.

Plus I need to go check out Target at some stage, it sounds like a magical place.

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