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November 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

Playgroup was fun this week. They had a face painter in to do some absolutely amazing works of art on the kids. I’d learnt only the previous week before though that Matthew won’t allow for his face to be painted, and fair enough as well, he’s a bit too young to comprehend what is really happening. The older kids were getting butterfly and pirate and animals painted on their face complete with glitter (the lady was very talented) and they looked awesome.
Then I noticed what she was doing with the toddlers. Instead of painting their face, she was painting their arms. It was a really fantastic idea, the toddlers could watch what she was doing, but they could still get a drawing painted on their body. Once the lady was free, I stole Matthew from whatever he was doing and snuck him in there. He sat on my lap while he had a rocket ship painted on his arm. Matthew sat very still for most of it, memorised as it was a whole new thing. But he came away with a cool little tattoo, which lasted until we got home and he washed his arm with a face cloth.

When Matthew was a lot younger, Rob brought a whole bucket of ChupaChups. The did get put away for a little bit, but Matthew being the explorer he is, found them. We spent quite a bit of our time putting them in the bucket, taking them out, moving them around. But then I noticed something I thought Matthew was too young for. He was colour sorting the chupa chups. Not quite to the extent of putting them in piles, but he would gather all the green ones, move them to a different place (by that I mean take them to another room then throw them on the floor), come back, do the same with the blue ones then usually leave the orange and red ones alone. He did this a number of times over the week so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just a coincidence.
He only seems keen on doing this with the lollipops though, I’ve tried with the pegs but Matthew does not seem to care that there are different coloured pegs. It’s pretty awesome though.

Matthew and I out for lunch:

Matthew’s cool rocket:

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