Matthew – 1 Year, 28 Weeks Old

September 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We’ve had some lousy weather around here. Which has meant Matthew and I have been stuck indoors for a bit, luckily not going to stir crazy, just enough to keep things interesting. On Monday morning, I decided we needed something to keep us interested so jumped onto the web to find some toddler friendly activities. I looked through a list I had made at some point and found a home made finger paint recipe which looked promising. It took about 15 minutes to put together then about another 15 to cool, in which time I was also trying to keep Matthew busy because he was so interested in what was going on.
Once the paints had cooled, I changed Matthew into some painting clothes and we set up a space on the kitchen floor with some paper. I’d made red, blue and yellow which all smeared together nicely. It took me a bit to help show Matthew what to actually do and I needed to convince him that it was ok, but he got right into it eventually, painting not only the paper but his feet, face, the kitchen floor. After some painting, Matthew ran around the kitchen, leaving painted footprints around the floor and hand prints around the wall. Luckily he managed to keep it to the tiles while I caught him and threw him in the bath. And I got some beautiful art to show off.

I came down with a cold late in the week, just in time for the weekend, which meant I was in some desperate need for rest. Rob took Matthew out to Hunua with a friend for a few hours on Saturday afternoon , which resulted in a big walk and lots of fresh air. Matthew stole the tramping stick and used that to help him walk along and he could hit the ground with it. It sounded like the boys had a really fun time and I was pretty jealous I was sick and hadn’t been able to go as well.
That evening we had dinner planned at a friends house. We didn’t really want to cancel as he was up from Wellington for such a short time, and it was his birthday dinner, so I sucked up my illness and we went along. Most of the people there hadn’t seen Matthew since before he was moving and as such he was a very popular child. Though he wasn’t so well behaved during dinner, wouldn’t sit at the table, wouldn’t eat, kept running off to go play in the kitchen. But even so he seemed to be bringing everyone under his spell.

Matthew – Getting into the finger painting

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