Matthew – 1 Year, 27 Weeks Old

August 11th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We made the decision a while back that once Matthew hit 18 months we would get him vaccinated with the chickenpox vaccine. It’s not on the NZ schedule of vaccines (which mainly means that the government doesn’t cover the cost), but after doing a bit of research and talking to the nurses when Matthew had his 15 month ones, we decided that it was the best option. Matthew was pretty good for his injection, the nurse tried to distract him with toys but he just sat and watched her and the needle. He gave a little cry when it went in, but a cuddle calmed him down very quickly and then we were back in the waiting room playing happily with the toys. Matthew did try to escape a couple of times when other people went through the main doors, but between toys and the reception desk the 20 minutes waiting time flew by. Just like all the other vaccines, no real reactions to them, and we have no more vaccinations due until Matthew is 4 years old, in which he will be way more alert and aware. Most likely jelly beans will work next time though.

It’s funny how the school holidays only interrupt one or two of our normal activities, but it feels like it makes a huge difference in our week. We’ve just finished the winter school holidays, which means our schedule will return back to normal. Just those extra few hours which we don’t get out of the house, especially at the moment where it’s winter so going outdoors isn’t the most ideal make for long days some times. Also with things like playgroup there are slides and cars and other children for Matthew to play and interact with and burn off a bit of energy. I’m going to have to get a bit more creative as Matthew gets older of ways to entertain him.

Guess who can now climb onto his change table (which as you can see is more storage space now rather than for changing)

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