Matthew – 1 Year 26 Weeks Old

August 6th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

It’s been pretty cold around here lately, being winter and all. But we had a sunny day on the weekend so organized to go catch up with Robs family. We went to the playground at Cornwall Park (where we had been planning on going a few weeks ago when Matthew threw up in the cafe), took some food and had a picnic. Despite the sunshine, we were all wrapped up in some very wintry clothes, with Matthews Nana bringing him some clothes including a very warm jacket, which was great because that is one item of clothing he didn’t really have.
Once we’d eaten, Matthew ran off to play on the playground. This playground has a little train on a track that has been there for years. Matthew loved it and wanted to ride on it over and over again, but it was one lap at a time due to other kids also wanting turns. Matthews Aunt Miriam and I discussed how we both remembered the train being so much more awesome, though judging by Matthews reaction to it, it really was that awesome when we were kids.
After the playground we took a walk up through one of the sheep-less paddocks. It was quite a steep hill and we pushed the buggy up, but our little trouper walked himself all the way to the top. He was pretty tired once we got up there and happy to ride in the buggy on the way back down.

Matthew has started to get quite jealous of other children touching his things. We were looking after Helena as we do most Friday mornings and Matthew did not want Helena playing with any of his things. Whenever she would find something to play with, Matthew would snatch it off her. I spent a good part of my morning intervening and trying to teach Matthew to share, which I know he’s still a bit too young for but I’ll persist. Helena was very good about it, she would just go find something else to play with. After about an hour of this, we all ended up sitting down, Helena on one knee and Matthew on the other and reading through a multitude of books. This finally seemed to calm Matthew down and he was ok (not great, just ok) at allowing Helena to play with his toys. I’m not so sure why he is getting jealous, I hear it’s a stage so I’m just going to keep an eye on it.

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