Matthew – 1 Year 25 Weeks Old

August 4th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

Matthews managed to get quite run down over the weekend. He got a chesty cough during the week, which wasn’t surprising as we’ve all had a bit of a cough around here (being winter and all). However the poor thing woke up on Saturday night, came running down the hallway crying. His Grandma picked him up to comfort him and Matthew was burning up. We got him some pamol, which he didn’t want at all so had to be forced down into his mouth. We also stripped him down to just his bodysuit and took him back to bed with a bottle of water. When we went to bed a bit later he was still quite warm, luckily throughout the night the fever gradually went down and he felt normal by the next morning. Matthew still had a cough for a few days as well as a snotty nose so we hung around home without contact from the outside world until he was better.

I’m continuously amazed by the things that Matthew does. And currently I’m amazed by the amount that Matthew understands. Now that he’s coming up to the 18 month mark, he just seems to understand so much more than I realise some days. He easily understands very simple instructions, such as ‘go close the drawer’ or ‘can you bring me your shoes’, but occasionally he will also follow double instructions such as ‘can you go find Baby Bow and take Baby Bow to Daddy’. We try to keep things very simple and make a big deal about it when he follows the instructions correctly. Sometimes he will also clap himself without prompt when he thinks he’s followed an instruction correctly, even when he hasn’t.

Matthews still pretty obsessed with the lights and light switches. He loves turning them on and finding which switch turns on what light. And when lights are on he points to them with big big grins on his face. He will even drag chairs around so he can reach the switches. Imagine the fun he could have if only he was tall enough to reach them on his own.

Matthew pulling all the wipes out, then putting them all back in, then all out etc:

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