Matthew – 1 Year 24 Weeks Old

August 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We’ve got a game around here. It’s called ‘Where’s Baby Bow’. Baby Bow is a soft teddy which when the string is pulled plays Its a Small World After All. We started playing the game a little bit back one day, when I pulled Baby Bow’s string and hid Baby Bow under a cushion and then asked Matthew ‘where’s Baby Bow gone?’. Matthew went and retrieved Baby Bow (he had watched where I put him) so I went and put Baby Bow somewhere else. Matthew followed and watched me do this, then got very excited that he could find him, and so the game was created. Matthew gets very pleased with himself when we ask him to go find Baby Bow and will bring him to us to pull the string then will run away and hide Baby Bow under the cushion on the couch and hold his hands in the ‘gone’ position for us to go find Baby Bow. It’s quite a fun game, sure it’s teaching him something but keeps us busy.

Matthew and myself were around at a friends house who has a couple of older children. One of the toys that these kids have are a kitchen and some play toys and Matthew was absolutely taken with these. He spent a long time putting things in and out of the oven, putting fake food in the sink and pulling it out again. It’s amazing how much he must be observing from just our day to day life and can play pretend with the toy kitchen. Got me thinking if maybe that’s something he’d like as a toy at home, maybe for Christmas or his birthday.. but maybe I’ll just wait another year or so and then start him in the real kitchen, making some cookies and doing the dishes.

I went off to do an afternoon cake decorating course on Saturday and left Matthew at home with Rob for half a day. Rob got a bit bored around home, so took Matthew out for a walk around the neighbour hood and through the new area where houses are being built. I hear they were gone for a while and Matthew was running up to the new houses and knocking on the front doors, wondering why no one was coming to answer. It sounds like they had a great time without me and awesome for Rob and Matthew to have that one on one time with each other.


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