Sick Again… FFS

July 20th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

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Thats’s not me.

But it’s how I currently feel.

Sick again. FFS

Can’t breathe through my nose despite the fact it hasn’t stopped running for the past 24 hours. FFS

Desperately want a decongestant. Not currently allowed decongestants. FFS

Haven’t hung out the washing that I washed yesterday. FFS

Haven’t taken the washing off the line that I did last weekend. FFS

Put back the chocolate biscuits in an attempt to be healthy. Now regretting that decision. FFS

Played way too many flash games when I should have been working this week. FFS

About 4 weeks behind on writing Matthews blog posts. FFS

Months behind on a million other projects I have half done. FFS

Can’t afford a house due to the ridiculous prices houses have jumped too. FFS

Matthew likes to refuse eating when I try to feed him, no problems eating if someone else feeds him though. FFS

Matthew can now open the freezer door, pantry door and take lids of bottles. This leads to cold food scattered all around the kitchen, milk spilt on the floor and child (repeatedly) eating and spitting out dry weetbix. FFS

In a general grumpy bum mood. Proving that life isn’t perfect.

Dear Baby G

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