Matthew – 1 Year 22 Weeks Old

June 26th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We had our final long weekend of the first half of the year. Not that it makes much difference to Matthew, all days still blend into one. Rob worked all weekend so Matthew and I just hung out at home, winter is finally here so it’s getting harder to get out during the days as it’s wet and cold. Matthew and I went shopping with Grandma (my mum) on the Sunday which ended with us in Ponsonby eating gelato. Matthew just shared some of ours as he’s a bit too young for his own, but there were some other kids in the shop which he tried to go steal icecream from. Luckily they were older kids and just thought he was cute as anything.

It was also my birthday during the week, and Rob was kind enough to make me pancakes for brunch. They were meant to be for breakfast, but we had other things we needed to get out and do first. This was Matthews first experience with eating pancakes and boy did he love them! We made some little ones just for him and he gobbled them up and then asked for more, which isn’t something Matthew does often with food. They did have a bit of jam added to them but I think he would have had the same reaction without the jam.

We’ve got a solid bedtime routine happening now which has made for some good nights sleep. Matthew has his dinner and a bath and a play which we have done for a while. We’ve added an extension to it now, Matthew goes around and gives a goodnight kiss to everyone including Jock then Matthew and I go down to bed and read a story or two then have a milk feed and a cuddle in the dark. Some nights he falls asleep quite easily, other times it can be a bit of a mission and involves a lot of lying him back down and getting him to calm down. It’s nice now because Matthew knows what to expect before bed and he’s had a few long stretches of sleep without waking for feeds. I know teething or sickness will kick in soon enough and spoil the whole thing so I’m enjoying it in the meantime.


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