Matthew – 1 Year 19 Weeks Old

June 7th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We are starting to get to a point where Matthew is getting a bit over the highchair. He is able to climb into it but hates being strapped in. Sometimes being strapped in just makes for a harder fight then it needs to be. But if he doesn’t get clipped into his chair, he just stands up and climbs out or climbs onto the tray, which is dangerous. But I’ve seen Matthew at other kids houses sitting down nicely at a kids table and chairs to eat his food. So I’m thinking this is something we may need to get for Matthew in the long term. Matthew eats ok when he is sitting in his high chair at the table eating with us, however he usually eats about an hour and a half before us due to when everyone gets home in the evening.

Tooth #7 has come through, which is a relief because it had been bothering him slightly for a couple of weeks. I can see #8 now sitting there thinking about coming in, so guess the teething will continue for now.

Matthew has started saying Daday a lot more often now. It’s the word of the month and he says it with purpose towards Rob. The way Matthew says it is funny though, he says it as almost a whisper and you need to get in real close to make out what he is saying. I think Matthew uses it as a way to keep himself awake when it’s bedtime and he doesn’t actually want to go off to sleep. But Rob loves it and says it back to him often. Better than some of the words he could be teaching him.

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