Matthew – 1 Year 15 Weeks Old

May 8th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

Matthew has figured out how to get to where he wants to go. He comes up to people, makes a short noise, holds his hand up and holds onto your finger. He then leads you to where he wants to go, lets go of your hand and looks up at you, as if to say “well we are here now, you might as well open the door so we can go through it”. His favourite doors are the front door and the bathroom door. He will occasionally do this to the laundry door, but as the laundry door has the dog door in it this isn’t as big of a challenge to get through. And sometimes he will walk two people around, one person in each hand. I guess he thinks he is doubling his chances of getting what he wants.
It’s good though that he does hold hands, has made it easier to take him out as he doesn’t need to be carried and can walk around with me. But he does have an amazing amount of independence, so if I stop somewhere for too long he will pull at my hand so we can keep going.

Despite being the second week of school holidays, Matthew and I ended up having a very busy week. We went off to the chiropractor, caught up with friends, played at the playground. It was a real summers week which made for lots of time in the sun and outdoor activites. We didn’t get to the beach as Matthew still isn’t that keen on sand, but got to the playground next to the beach, that counts right? It’s good to keep busy with Matthew, he is a very active little boy, as I’ve mentioned before, so when there are lots of things to do it makes for one happy family all around.

Matthew - 1 Year 15 Weeks Old

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