Matthew – 1 Year 13 Weeks Old

April 24th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

Last week (especially the first part) has been one full of germs and other sickly things that go around. Matthew has been out of it for most of the week, he’s been nursing all week which means my milk supply has increased dramatically again and has spent a lot of time asleep on me. But he’s been totally knackered, has fallen asleep on the floor a number of times, absolutely too tired to walk anywhere so most of his movement has been via crawling for a little bit then crying because of how tired and drained he was.
Unfortunaetly Rob also came down with the gastro that Matthew had which meant he was out of the picture for a couple of days as well. Rob bounced back a bit quicker than Matthew though, could just be because he needed to get on with things so pushed through, but it did take him a while to recover his appatite and energy levels.

I took Matthew back off to our GP on Monday as it had been over 48 hours since we had left Starship and I couldn’t tell if Matthew was getting better or worse and I was also worried about his lack of eating. He hadn’t thrown up during the day, only at night, but every night, which I thought was quite strange as gastro is not a time of day thing. The doctor checked a few things (pretty much the same things as A&E and Starship had checked) and then sent off some samples to the lab so they could check him for a couple of illness’s like Rotavirus or other things which can look like gastro but aren’t.
The tests came back all clear though a couple of days later, so all we needed to do was wait out the gastro. They weren’t so worried about him not taking in solids, as long as he was nursing regularly and had so many wet diapers a day then he was doing pretty well.

Luckily towards the end of the week, which was Easter weekend, his spirits started to pick up a little bit and he was in a bit of a better mood. We had made plans a few weeks back to go up and stay with Jacqui and Jason at Snell’s Beach for a couple of days. Rob and I decided to keep those plans as Matthew and Rob were both doing better and there weren’t going to be any other kids up there. We drove up on Thursday night so we wouldn’t hit the Good Friday traffic that can happen and stayed until Saturday afternoon. Matthews appatite started to come back a bit, but he was happy for the most part. He wasn’t overly chatty though which meant that Jacqui didn’t believe me that he could say anything, but I’m putting that down to him still recovering.

Easter Sunday was fun though. Even though Matthews appitatie wasn’t back to usual, we decided to give him his easter egg. I just brought a box of 15 Cadbury Hollow EasterEggs, so that it wasn’t too big, but also we could share them around. Matthew ate about half of the easter egg outside, then tried to give the rest to Jock. Obviously it was good but not that good. He had some easter egg in the evening as well, which resulted in him shoving so much into his mouth that he couldn’t chew and eventually it came out as brown drool. We do have a few more Easter Eggs hanging around which will get eaten over the next month or so I guess. It’s good Matthew not quite realising they are there, I can distribute in small batches over a long amount of time :)

Matthew - 1 Year 13 Weeks Old

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  • Emily Woodhouse says:

    Hi there Andie hope you had a great Easter. I feel sorry to hear how your little angel Matthews suffered before Easter. My best wishes to him & you. Take care.

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