Easter Weekend 2012

April 16th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Photography | Ramble

Despite the fact that Matthew had been sick the week leading up to Easter, it ended up being a very pleasant weekend.

We had made plans a few weeks before hand to head up to Snells Beach and visit Jacqui (Matthews aunt) and Jason for a night, just to catch up and say hi. Rob and I came very close to cancelling due to the illness’s that had been going around, but decided as it was only an hour out of Auckland that we could come home at any time if needed. We headed up late on the Thursday night to miss the traffic on Good Friday and stayed until Saturday afternoon. Weather was nice, we lounged about, sat on the deck in the sun, went down to the playground next to the beach and just caught up in general.

Sunday we gave Matthew his first Easter Egg to eat. Last Easter he was just on three months old so wasn’t really ready for any chocolate, but this year he was pretty keen on it. We just brought him some small hollow eggs, but he was also gifted a chocolate bunny, a melamine egg cup and spoon, and a melamine bunnykins bowl and cup. Pretty uneventful day, but nice and relaxed.

On Easter Monday we caught up with Matthews Nana and one of his other aunts. We walked around Western Springs, had a bit of food at the playground, Matthew had a good play on the playground, then wandered back. Was a gorgeous day out and lots of families around.

So all in all a good Easter weekend. I even took some photos to document it, so have shared some of my favourites below

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