Matthew – 1 Year 12 Weeks Old

April 13th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

It’s been one long week. We ended up in the hospital with Matthew, but I’ll cover that in a moment

First, a couple of more mundane life things. Matthew had his MMR injection at the beginning of the week. We decided to do it a bit earlier than scheduled because of the recent outbreak of measles thats randomly been going around if you’re unlucky. So while the MMR is usually given at 15 months along with two other injections, we chose to do it at 14 months instead. I was pretty impressed at how well Matthew handled the injection, he was nosy (as usual) so he watched the injection go in, but after a few seconds crying and a couple of minutes cuddling, he was back to his normal nosy self, so much s that we went back into the waiting room to play with the toys until the 20 minutes they need to stay was up. We’ve booked in for the rest of the 15 month injections in a months time.

I also took Matthew off swimming on Wednesday, which was something we hadn’t done in a while. Being the stubborn little boy that he is, he really wanted to go off exploring by himself in the water, which involved a number of tumbles face forward that I needed to pull him out of in a spilt second (luckily for him I was within 3 steps at all times so could get to him incredibly quickly when needed). It’s an absolute mission taking him to the pools, but it’s all about building the water confidence I’m investing in his future, even if it is only half an hour at a time :)

So we ended up in hospital with Matthew on Friday night. You can read the long version here It ended up just being a precaution luckily, we initially went because it was a potential head concussion, but it ended up being gastro. Was a long night, I ended up being awake for most of the night but it’s fine for there to be nothing seriously wrong with him. So because of the gastro we’ve had a very long weekend, I guess all babies get sick just sucks when they do.

Matthew in Robs Shoes

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