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April 12th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew | Ramble

So how did we end up in Starship? Friday was like most normal Fridays, Matthew played with Helena, had a nap, played around the house a bit then I went out to karate and Rob took Matthew round to Matt’s house for some dinner and beers. We all got home about 9.30pm and Matthew was a bit grizzly and quite tired so we lay down on the couch and had some milk. After a good feed, Matthew sat up, belched, looked at me and threw the whole milk feed up (right over me, where else). We cleaned him up, cleaned me and the couch up and Matthew played on his rocking horse. After about 15 minutes, Matthew wandered back over to me, cuddled in, belched again and threw up his dinner. Then a few minutes later threw up again. I decided to give healthline a call as this was Matthews first time at actually throwing up (not just spilling) and after some discussion, it was decided that we should go down to A&E to get Matthew check out for a head concussion, as he’d hit his head quite hard the day before, leaving a graze and huge bruise around his eye.

We grabbed a few things and headed to A&E at 10.30pm. Knowing it was a Friday night and they do get a little busier on Friday nights, but thats fine, he needed to be checked out. On arrival we were told there would be approx 2 hour wait but as it was a head injury on a child the receptionist would put us a bit higher on the list. About 1am we finally got to see the doctor. Matthew had been asleep on me the whole time aside from a few minutes when he threw up. The doctor checked him out, he was responding well to all the inital tests, so she gave us some pamol for him as well as some bubblegum flavoured liquid stuff which he needed to take 5ml of every 10 minutes without throwing it up. Getting the pamol into him was a pretty big mission, but once it had kicked it, getting the bubblegum liquid in wasn’t that bad. It also made Matthew feel better, so Matthew and I wandered around the A&E for about an hour while Rob napped. About 2.30am, Matthew started getting tired again so we had a cuddle, in which he threw up the liquid then went off to sleep on the floor. Poor thing.

Rob and Matthew napped (it was the middle of the night) while I read magazines. About 4am I got about half an hours sleep before the nurse came back in to see us. It had been pretty quiet, we hadn’t seen the nurse or doctor for most of the night, I think they had been hidden away in a room with someone. The doctor then checked up on Matthew again and decided that it didn’t seem normal that it had taken him an hour before throwing up, so decided to send us off to Starship, which is the children’s hospital at Auckland. She sent us in an ambulance, which I thought was a bit overkill but she called it for us anyway.

I went with Matthew up to the hospital in the ambulance while Rob went home to check on the dog and get a couple of hours of solid sleep. We sat in the back (they didn’t put the sirens on for us) and they lady in the ambulance and me went over Matthews symptoms and similar checks again. It was all pretty relaxed and also my first time in an ambulance, Matthew was pretty lethargic but I figured he’s not going to remember the ambulance ride anyway.

When we got to the hospital, which was about 6am, we were greeted by one of the pediatricians and wandered through to the childrens emergency ward. The admitted us right away and the same doctor sat with us to do the same tests we’d already had done in the night (which was fine, better to be safe). About half an hour later after I’d filled in a bunch of forms we had another doctor come to check out Matthew. By this stage Matthew was pretty over everything, he was crying and uncooperative and tired. He was probably hungry as well as he’d thrown up dinner and hadn’t eaten since. I asked the doctor if it was ok for me to give him breastmilk which the doctor was ok with, and after a feed Matthew fell asleep in my arms. I dozed on off for about 45 minutes (waking when someone would walk by the room we were in). One of the nurses brought me some breakfast which I attempted eating while Matthew was asleep on me, then they brought me a coffee. As I was holding it waiting for it to cool down, Matthew startled causing me to spill the coffee all over my shirt. Note to self: don’t hold hot drinks while holding a sleeping baby.

We had both the second doctor and a third doctor pop down to see us about 8am, who finally said that they don’t think the head injury and vomiting were related, which is what my gut had been telling me for a while. Rob came in to the hospital shortly after that, and Matthew was in slightly better spirits again. Matthew played with the toys for a while, including some big ride in toy cars which him and another little boy his age were playing in. The hospital wanted to get a urine sample before they discharged us, but as Matthew wasn’t drinking anything we had to force liquids into him. Luckily for us he wasn’t throwing the liquids back up. After about 2 hours of this (some liquid, some playtime, some liquid etc), Matthew did a huge big poo. Which went everywhere. Which meant we finally had a diagnosis, gastro.

We were discharged about midday so via a quick trip to get some food, headed on home for an afternoon of sleeping.

It was a very long night, but you know what, for the precaution and just making sure everything is good it was ok. Though next time I think we will skip A&E and just head straight to Starship. But hopefully that won’t happen very often.

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