Buzzy Bee Colours

March 13th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Photography | Photoshop

You might have seen these colour images around the web lately , I first came across them on Pinterest (I’m quite fond of this board of colour). I’m a huge fan, love looking at colours. I’d tried a couple of times to do one myself but hadn’t quite been able to figure it out, I don’t quite know how I was going about it wrong but it never seemed quite right.

And then, I discovered that kuler allows you to pull colours from images. I’ve used kuler in the past when doing design, but had never quite explored it. Kuler gave me a starting base for the colours in this image, then I adjusted to the colours for the look I was going for. The CoffeeShop Blog had a great free template for me to use as a starting point to put together a colour palette, though now that I have a better picture of how it works (really, it’s not that hard if you know basic photoshop, I just don’t think I was trying hard enough) I will try to be a bit more creative in putting a palette together.

88mm – ISO 400 – 1/160 – f/4

On my investigating of these palettes, I came across this site and linky, so sharing some blog love and linking up.

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