Project 366 2012 – 05 Mar to 11 Mar

March 12th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Photography

It’s the first week this year that I’ve managed to take all the pictures on my DSLR. I’m giving myself a mini pat on the back for that. And I’ve even managed to do it all by putting my camera away at the end of shooting each time, rather than just leaving it out for Monkey to come and pull of the table and put his hands all over the lens. Most of my photos from this week are of him as well, my mummy goggles have been on!

Buzzy Bee – Every kiwi kid should have one of these:

Trying to open the laundry door, luckily he hasn’t figured out the lock yet:

Attempt at making bread, with rosemary and cheese on top:

Matthew got into the dogs water bowl – litterally

This is what happens when he only has a 20 minute day sleep, falls asleep during dinner

Can now climb onto my computer desk

This is the first packet of gum I have brought in a long time

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