Matthew – 1 Year, 8 Weeks Old

March 10th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We got away for a mini family holiday last week. It was Matthews first time down to Tauranga and staying in a hotel room. Initally it was meant to be a get away for Rob and I and my parents had offered to look after Matthew for two nights while we left, but Matthew isn’t quite ready for us to leave him at night yet. If it had just been one night it might have been ok, but he does tend to cry at night if I’m not at home (we haven’t done an overnight away but have been out for evenings) and it felt like it might be too tough on him. Also as I’m still breastfeeding I wasn’t sure how that would all go. So we took Matthew with us, which worked out well.
We played on a couple of playgrounds, took Matthew for a walk up the Mount (well, we pushed his pram up and he had a sleep), went to the beach, went on a bushwalk, went to an animal park and detoured home via Hamilton to stop in and see Matthews great grandparents. It was good to get out and get lots of fresh air and experience somewhere we hadn’t been in a long time. Matthew had a lot of fun and seemed to enjoy all the new things that we were doing. Even though he won’t remember it we do have lots of images so we can explain things to him when he gets older.

Matthew created his first painting last week. We were at playgroup and one of the activities was painting with sponge brushes. Matthew seemed to take a special interest in this, so I put a painting cape on him, gave him a piece of A3 and a brush. I did help guide his hand, mainly so he didn’t put the brush into his mouth, and Matthew decided that mixing red, orange and green paint together would be his colour of choice. The painting lasted no more than a couple of minutes before Matthews attention was side tracked, but I hung up the painting to dry and then brought it home to show Rob. Not quite sure what we are going to do with it (it’s currently sitting on the table), and while it’s not quite Da Vinci yet, it’s still pretty awesome.

Matthew at the beach
Matthew 1 Year 8 Weeks Old

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