How To: Make Oats for Babies Breakfast

February 4th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m pretty big on breakfast, I try most mornings to eat a filling and good sized meal to get me through for a few hours, so for me it’s important that Matthew also gets a good breakfast.

So thought I’d share one of the breakfasts I make for Matthew.

Oats are quick, easy and healthy to make. They are considered a low GI food (which means that they digest slowly and help keep you fuller for longer) and as toddlers are so active, food that helps keep his energy levels stable are a win in my book.

We tend to have big bags of rolled oats in the house, so we take out about a cup full and run them through the food processor to make them slightly finer and store in a airtight container. This method is very relaxed, amounts are based of how hungry I feel Matthew seems. You can use the cooking time / guides on the back of the rolled oats packet, but just remember that you’ll be making a smaller amount and if you’ve made the oats finer then they will cook quicker.
And of course, if you’re making

1) Put 1-2 tablespoons of rolled oats into a microwaveable bowl
2) Cover with milk. I use whole blue milk. I add about the same amount of water again.
3) Cook in the microwave in 20-30 second bursts stirring in between. Once the mixture starts thickening, have a quick taste. If the oats taste a bit firm, add a bit more water and milk.
4) Put cooked oats into baby’s bowl.
5) Add some fruit. I often use the Watties pureed fruit as they have no added ingredients – seriously, the ingredients in the Pears are: ‘Pears (100%), Vitamin C’ . However if you are using pre-made fruits, do double check what the ingredients are as I’ve heard in countries other than New Zealand they will sometimes add sugar, which really, your baby doesn’t need.
Of course, you can also make your own baby fruits.
6) Stir and mix it all together.
7) Check the temperature of the food so you won’t burn your babies mouth.
8) Feed to your child.

Now I did try to take photos of this one morning, I even attempted to take a photo of me feeding Matthew. But breakfast time isn’t the most flattering for me or my child. So the steps above are roughly in the photos below, as well as an angry Matthew image (feed me!) and a lovely sleep deprived image of me ;)

Disclaimer: Don’t feed this too your baby if they are too young. You know your baby best. Use common sense. I’d recommend an absolute minimum age of 6 months.

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