Matthew – 1 Year, 3 Weeks Old

February 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

Tooth number 5 is well and truly through now. It cut on the 16th Jan, and looking into Matthews mouth (while he was asleep of course, no other way to get in there) I thought, tooth number 6 can’t be far away, it’s sitting right there. Still hasn’t cut, and I’m pretty sure has been causing him a bit of pain. But it’s the drool, driving me insane. But at least it’s just a phase, once that tooth comes through we’ll have a bit of time, hopefully, between the next lot of teething. But poor thing, must be hard on him (and other babies of course) having these teeth cut through.

Matthew has a few new tricks up his sleeve now. He will clap for whoever asks, he also waves for hello and byebye and will give me a cuddle if I ask for one. He also closes doors and drawers when asked to, and also when he’s not asked too. It’s cool having little party tricks for him to show off, plus we have lots of giggles and fun when doing it, but I do often find random doors closed and him on the other side. Most interesting to date was when he closed the pantry door with him on the inside. Didn’t seem to bother him too much, not too afraid of the dark!

We had a good long weekend just gone. Was Auckland Anniversary Day on Monday, so public holiday and Rob was lucky enough to have all three days off. We started the weekend with a farewell party (left Matthew at home), then on Saturday had Max’s birthday party, followed by an engagement party on the other side of Auckland. Sunday was a day around home for Matthew to destory things. On Monday went to visit Anders, Catherine and Anton (Matthew has borrowed a bunch on Antons stuff in the past year, we are very grateful for the loan), then took Matthew to see where his daddy works, then stopped off to visit Matthews Nana and aunts. So very busy, but so nice to hang out with both my boys.

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