Project 366 2012 – 23 Jan to 29 Jan

January 30th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Photography

I’ve been picking up my DSLR more this week. And feeling quite happy about it too. It can be a bit of a mission to take around, especially when it’s just me and Matthew going out (as it is another bag I need to take), but it’s always worth it. Though I am guilty of not taking it out sometimes because of the hassle of another bag. But even just picking up the camera at home to take a few shots, or try a new technique, it all helps. And I love looking at the images at the end!

Matthew crawling around the playground. You can see the teething drool expanding out of his mouth!


Sitting in the dogs water bowl – because playing in it just isn’t good enough.


Jock eyeing up a biscuit


So last week (16th Jan) I took a picture of Matthew sitting in the drawer beneath the oven. Within a couple of days, he’d learnt he can do this:


Sitting in the clean washing, harassing the dog. Yes, I do sometimes dress him in the same clothes as the day before.


Robot Cake topper for Matthews friend Max’s first birthday party.


New part of the subdivision. The first house is being built!

Naptime Momtog

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