Matthew – 1 Year, 1 Week Old

January 19th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We have a little football player emerging. That is if a football is actually a balloon and the no hands rule is cancelled. Kicking is Matthews latest trick, he’s started practising it quite a lot and as we still have some balloons blown up from his birthday, he’s been using those as target practise. He doesn’t just practise with balloons though, he did kick around the soccer ball with the kids next door, and by with I mean that he didn’t actually play with them, more just walked into the middle of their driveway game and took over. They were cool with it though, thought he was very cute.
But this kicking hasn’t been limited to just round objects though. Matthews testing it out on doors, cars, people and even the dog. Poor dog.

Speaking of poor dog, Matthews taken to try picking up Jock. I guess he just wants to take him with him so he doesn’t miss him. Jock isn’t too impressed with this, and we need to be quick when we see Matthews hands go around Jock. His favourite way to try to pick up Jock is with one hand under the chin and one under the back legs. And then he grabs Jocks fur, because that’s how you pick up dogs right?

Holidays are over for the paid working people, which means Matthew and I are back at home by ourselves for the most part during the day. It’s ok though, we still have a pretty relaxed routine as most activities haven’t started back up yet. And Matthew gets really excited in the evening when people get home, which is nice to see. Runs to the front door to greet them and gives big cuddles. So cute.

Matthew is his superman outfit!
Superman Matthew

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