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January 5th, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

So I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately. As we are now a few days into the new year, I’ve had a bit of a chance to reflect on what 2011 brought to me, what I brought to 2011 and what I want 2012 to be like. What I want to keep doing, what I want to change, and overall how to make sure life stays good.

Giving back is one of those things I’ve been thinking of. This does cover a huge range of area’s in my life. Plus it’s good karma to give as you take.

I do try to give back where I can. It’s not something I talk about much because I don’t think about it as something that needs to be talked or bragged about. It’s just something that should be done. And giving back doesn’t need to be big things either. Giving back can be as simple as helping someone by sharing some of your knowledge, teaching a skill. It could be giving a compliment to someone or leaving a comment on a blog post you really enjoyed reading.
You can give back by doing some housework for someone that’s been unwell or been through a tough time. Donate some blood, empty the coins in your wallet for a good cause, donate your time. And as my parents often remind me, do something helpful without being asked.

I’m not one for resolutions, they are often gone within the month. But one thing I would like to start doing is giving back on this blog. I haven’t decided how to do this yet, quite how I want to do it or what I want to give back, but I’ve taken a lot from the internet so it only seems fair to give back. And even if it only helps one or two people I feel it will be worth it. I doubt I’m going to create world peace, but you never know aye?

If you have a quiet moment – oh wait, most people who read this are mummies and my family aye? – but steal a quiet moment if you can and think about someway of giving back in 2012. What might be a little thing can make a big difference to someone else.

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