Matthew – 51 Weeks Old

January 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We’ve gotten a bit out of wack this week. We’ve all been on holiday so haven’t really had a routine, have just been going with the flow. Matthew and I have quite enjoyed having Rob at home, haven’t really done much, just hung out. Caught up with some friends and family, which has meant a little bit of travelling but really not all that much.

We celebrated the end of 2011 this week and the beginning of 2012. We went and hung out with some friends at their flat, just sitting around and chatting for most of the night. Matthew almost made it till midnight (not by our choice) but clonked out about 11.30pm. We got home about 1am after Matthew woke back up, but then convinced him to sleep in till 10am the next morning (read the above about no routine). It was a pretty uneventful New Year, and even if we had done something big it’s not like Matthew would really remember it anyway.

Matthew is starting to understand simple words and simple actions. When you say ‘clap’, he’ll drop everything he’s holding to clap for a little bit. And then he giggles away. But he’ll only do this trick if not much else interesting is happening. Other interesting things tend to get priority. And especially if someone is over. He doesn’t do his party tricks for just anyone. I’m currently trying to work on him associating bye bye with waving.

Matthew - 51 Weeks

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