Matthew – 49 Weeks Old

December 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

With the year coming to an end, we had quite a busy week last week. Matthew and I attended a few Christmas parties and farewell functions. Wiggle and Rhyme had a special Christmas edition which involved lots of up beat Christmas songs (including quite a few Wiggles Christmas songs, which I have to say might be a CD I’ll be getting for Matthew next year). Santa came and joined in with some of the dancing and Matthew just stopped wandering around to stare at this red and white man. No crying, just intense staring.
Santa also came along to playgroup to hand out some early Christmas presents for the kids. Again, Matthew stopped wandering around to stare at Santa, but when Matthews present came and we went up to collect it, Matthew didn’t want to look at Santa. Who knows why, he just refused to turn his head that way. I think there may have been something else in the other direction he was looking at. Playgrounp also had a shared lunch, though Matthew is still a bit too young to enjoy most things, he did have a colorful plate of strawberries, grapes and apple.

We caught up with Courtnaey and Max at Tin Tins last week. Matthew was able to run around and do all the big kid stuff that he wanted too, including climbing up the slide then down the stairs (I guess this sorta makes sense). But we took both Matthew and Max onto the bigger kids play area, and Matthew had a great time climbing up the ramp then going down the slide backwards. He was giggling away. So cute!

We have had a few mini milestones recently. Matthew is starting to get the concept of in/out – he stole something from my bedside table, wandered over to the bin and threw whatever he had in. Then retrieved it. Luckily we keep our bin empty now, purely because of Matthew.
Matthew also has taken some steps backwards. Thought it might be a fluke at first, but he’s done it a couple of times now. He also taps one foot when standing, and stomps on the spot.
And he’s discovered how to open the heavy drawers in the kitchen and bathroom, which mean things are now coming out of the cupboards at Matthews will. Luckily it’s still only drink bottles and tea towels which are the main choice, but he’s just yet to discover the rest.

Matthews First Santa Photo. He didn’t cry, but wasn’t too sure about it either.

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