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December 18th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Images - Web | Ramble

Growing up, we had two different types of eating habits at Christmas. One was where the food was put on the table, you helped yourself to what you wanted then went and found another table or comfy seat to sit at whilst eating and talking.
The other was were everyone sat at the table, passed plates of food around and then often the kids (that was me and my cousins) went and sat at the kids table and the adults sat at the adults table to eat their meal. This was mainly done because apparently there were too many people to all sit at one table, but I think it might have just been so that the adults could have some kid-less time while eating to enjoy some adult conversation.
It’s all about creating the right atmosphere at the table. Placing a nice table cloth and some decorations on the table takes it from being a table to being a Christmas table. And you don’t have to spend a bomb on decorations either. Here are some neat – and relatively affordable – ideas to help make your Christmas table awesome.



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