Matthew – 45 Weeks Old

November 25th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

Matthews making lots of babbling noises recently that sound like actual words. Mummama, Dadada, Bababa. It’s quite interesting, sometimes it feels like he is actually saying the words, he walks up to me and goes Mumma, but then he walks up to other people as well and says the same thing, which leads me to think that it’s still just noises. I guess there will come a point where it will change from noise to an actual word, but here’s hoping when he is actually saying a word we’ll be able to recognize it.

Buttons on the stereo are one of Matthews new favourite things. We’ve had to switch it off from the wall now, because after a few times of him just turing it on and us having to turn it off (ok, it was more than a few times) he managed to crank the volume right up before switching it onto the radio which gave everyone an incredible fright and caused Matthew to burst into a flood of tears. So we just solved the problem by turning it off at the wall. He thinks it’s fantastic to touch all these buttons which he has to reach up to get to, must be the sound they make.

Matthew’s Nana and Aunt took him for a couple of hours on Saturday while I helped my sister moved house. They took him for a walk around the Rotary Walk from Pakuranga and my child, who is not a good sleeper, slept for the majority of time that he was on the walk and then continued to sleep during a late lunch. I think he woke for about 15 minutes or so while they were out walking. But I’m glad he had a good sleep anyway as I know he hadn’t been sleeping enough for a few days before that and he really needed to catch up. Just a bit of wrong timing though.

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