Matthew – 44 Weeks Old

November 18th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We’ve had a pretty normal week. Matthew is now walking practically everywhere, still gets down to crawl when he wants to push things around but in general he’s discovered this walking thing and doesn’t want to stop, ever!
He’s also cut tooth number 3 this week, with tooth number 4 not far off. He won’t really let me check it though, so I need to trick him every day so I can see where we are at.

Matthew hit the 10 month mark. So in celebration of this, I thought I’d mention where we are at with certain things.

  • Matthew is on 3 solids a day. We start each morning with a milk feed then depending on what our plans are for the day depends on how long between getting up and having breakfast. Lunch is usually early to mid afternoon and dinner is usually late evening. He will often have snacks in between as well as breastmilk feeds as well as water. It’s a weird juggling act and some days it feels like all I do is make sure he is fed and has enough balance of everything, but it works.
  • Matthew is still up at least once a night. He starts the first part of the night in his cot (which is still in our room) then wakes up crying so Rob or I just bring him into our bed, I give him a feed and we both go back to sleep. He’s a tummy sleeper so while I do try to put him on his back to sleep, he almost always rolls over onto his tummy at some point and then wiggles his way either up to the headboard of the cot or bed. He does end up in some funny positions though, as all babies do.
  • He is still being fed to sleep 90% of the time. He’s pretty good with a couple of other people, such as Rob, with going to sleep with a cuddle and very very occasionally with me, but if he is with me then most often he starts mouthing at me. Sometimes it’s a short feed, sometimes can take up to 20 minutes. But he goes down into his own bed once he is asleep, sometimes he stirs and will briefly open his eyes but will fall back asleep.
  • Matthew is a very very chatty little boy. When we are out he is quiet, I think he’s taking it all in. But at home or once he has warmed up to his surroundings he chats chats chats away continuously. He loves to mimic sounds we make. He even likes to mimic the dog growling

So that’s just a quick overall of the general things happening at the moment. Here’s a couple of pics of my gorgeous boy

Matthew on the dogs mat


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