Things I’m Loving – The Strawberry Plate Edition

November 11th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

We can only learn to love by loving – Iris Murdoch

Here’s what I’m loving this week

These Strawberry Plates. Mum and I were out shopping the other day when we saw these in Stevens. Mum brought one, then as we were leaving she looked at her receipt and realised that they were 50% off. So she went back and brought another one, so that there will be one for me to steal at some point. Thinking chocolate dipped strawberries will look fantastic on these!

My little toddling infant. Love watching him learning to walk, most gorgeous thing!

I almost lost these this week. I had taken them off and put them in my bag for safekeeping. Matthew had then tipped my bag out. My engagement ring was right there, but my wedding ring was no where to be found. Took me a good amount of time of panicking and searching to find it (there’s me thinking the baby had swallowed it). So this week I’m loving my rings all over again.

Linking up with Paisley Jade for this weeks Things I’m Loving.


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