Matthew – 43 Weeks Old

November 9th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We have a walker. In the last week Matthew has gone from stepping to being able to walk a few meters before stopping to rebalance or tripping and falling down. The speed that he walks at is quite remarkable, it’s not the defined stepping that he was doing where each step was thought about and carefully taken but more where he moves in a zombie style walk, slow but steady, with his arms up by his head as if to say “I surrender”. It’s so gorgeous! I’ve managed to get some video of it which will make for great show and tell once he gets to the awkward years.

This week was quite a busy one. We started out with a trip to the zoo with our coffee group. It was Matthews first trip there and I thought he might be more interested in the animals than he actually was. He liked the animals that we could see up close such as the pigs and rabbits in the kids area, but the elephants and giraffes and tigers didn’t get much attention. I guess he’s probably still a bit too young to really grasp the concept of animals far away, up close he is often quite interested so all in time. The zoo was fun in general, I didn’t get much of a chance to check out the new avary area but I quite enjoy going to the zoo and most likely by the next time we take Matthew he will be a lot more interested.

Matthew and I attended a baptism this week also for one of the little girls from our coffee group. Helena is a couple of weeks younger than Matthew and was baptised up at All Saints Church in Howick. Kate asked me if I could take some photos for them which I was more than happy too, but it did mean that I needed a hand keeping an eye on Matthew. I tried to put him into the crying room (which is really just a slighty sound proofed room with heaps of books and toys) but he wasn’t impressed with me, so some of the other girls that were there helped me to look after him. I did feel a bit bad because during the actual baptism part I was taking photos and Matthew was chatting away so loudly! But that’s infants for you.

Matthew in the dragon at the Auckland Zoo:
Matthew - 43-Weeks-Old

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