Matthew – 40 Weeks Old

October 19th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

40 weeks already! These 40 weeks have gone a lot quicker than the pregnancy did, though some days (and nights) feel as though they drag on for a long long time. It’s hard to believe I haven’t had a full nights sleep in around a year now. But seeing my little mans smiles every morning makes it totally worth it.

In exciting news this week, someone has taken his first steps! Yes, all that balancing led to the next stage and as he was standing up one night he just moved one foot slightly in front of the other with a small lift off the ground. I was so amazed by it, and had a full mouthful at the time, I watched the whole thing with wide eyes. An exciting time coming up. I’m under no illusions that once he does start walking things will get easier but I can’t help but be impressed and want to share the exciting news with everyone.
His record so far is two steps on his own, taken very quickly one after the other and finishing with him falling forward, but I’m counting it as two steps. When Matthew is holding onto something he can do many many steps, and I’m helping to build his confidence by allowing him to walk holding onto my hands. He does get a bit over it after a while and drops down to continue crawling along.

Rob celebrated his birthday last week. Matthew brought him a very nice card and ‘wrote’ a very nice message inside it. Ok, so I wrote the message, but I’m sure if Matthew could talk he would tell his daddy how much he loves him. You can see it on Matthews face whenever Rob gets home, bursts out into a big grin and crawls really quickly and climbs up all over him. He also loves to snuggle up next to him asleep at night and gets super excited if he wakes up and Rob hasn’t gone to work yet. He really does know who his daddy is!

Felt so bad taking him out of the car looking like this:

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