Matthew – 34 Weeks Old

September 7th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

We’ve been struck down with Matthews seconds cold this week. It felt way worse than the first one, so much so that I took him off to the doctor on Friday afternoon. Luckily it is only a cold and can be handled with just some pamol, but the nose and the cough make him sound so much worse. Friday was quite a hard day specifically, Matthew slept all day and refused to sleep anywhere but on me and wanted to sleep all day and wasn’t happy to be just put in the moby so I could get some things done. So I got a water bottle, some magazines and the TV remotes and sat on the couch snuggled up with him all day. It was a similar day on Saturday but as Rob was home we could share a bit of the responsibility. I think one of the hardest parts for me was his crying, he really was an unhappy little boy. But luckily he’s feeling a lot better now (a couple of days later).

It was our first Fathers Day this weekend. Matthew brought his daddy a card and a jumper for himself which reads “Awesome like my Dad”. Ok, I exaggerate a little, technically I brought the card and jumper, Matthew just hung around with me while I did it. My dad also received his first Grandad card, which I think went down well.
It was quite uneventful for Fathers Day. Initially the plan was to go out to Cornwell Park or the Botanical Gardens and spend some time out there, but we were sick and the weather was not the best and I could add a lot more excuses to this, but point being it didn’t end up happening. Matthew and myself did get up early to let Rob have a sleep in and we made him pancakes for breakfast. I also helped Matthew to write in Robs card, by holding the pen in his hand and guiding it along. Matthew was way more interested in eating the pen rather the writing, but never mind. We were going to head out and take pictures for the day, but it wasn’t the best weather (not raining but pretty bad light) so we postponed it for another day. But it was one of the first days in a while that Rob didn’t have to work, so it was nice just to hang out as a family.

We’ve officially started Spring now. Matthews first winter was pretty mild overall, apart from the one day we had a bit of snow which is incredibly rare in Auckland. Looking forward to the warmer months and doing some new and exciting things, such as taking Matthew to the beach for the first time!


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