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July 31st, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Photoshop

One of the Facebook groups I’m on had a discussion about things to do with your baby. Someone mentioned about colouring some pasta so I gave this a go. I cooked some spaghetti and then dyed it green. Matthew had a lot of fun playing and tasting and throwing it around (side note, once he was already playing with it I realised that he’s probably still a bit too young to play with spaghetti as it’s a bit of a choking hazard still, so I did need to keep a very close eye on him).

But as I had my camera out, I took some photos :)
As you can see from my SOOC shot, it’s a bit dark and I’ve got all my washing showing in the background.

I cropped the photo slightly to center more in on Matthew and brightened the image. I added a couple of gradient maps and adjusted the levels also. Changed a couple of layer modes and added a slight white vignette.

Side by Side:

I’m primarily happy with the edit. There are a few little things that I think would make it better, but unfortunately they are time consuming for time I don’t really have at the moment. But never mind, hopefully as I get quicker with editing I’ll be able to manage those final few things.

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