Matthew – 19 Weeks Old

May 24th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

Rob has decided that Matthew is going to be hyperactive when he gets older. I’ve decided he is already hyperactive. Whenever he is awake he is trying to move, trying to go, trying to talk, trying to do everything possible. But I feel just so sorry for him because he can’t quite get to places or tell us what he wants, but man, he sure is trying!

We had a dinner with some of the girls and their husbands on Saturday night. It was the first time the husbands had met the babies (as they hadn’t seen each other since before Christmas). We just went around to Susans house, each took a plate of something and chatted. It was great to see how well the husbands have all adapted to their new roles, gave us girls a chance to eat dinner without the babies and the guys a chance to chat to each other. Matthew was very awake and alert the whole time we were there, even though he had went off to sleep, his sleep only lasted about 5 minutes. He was bouncing all around the place, determined not to miss out on any of the fun. We ended up taking off so that we wouldn’t have to deal with too much of an overtired baby.
Its awesome to see all the changes that the babies are going through and how different they all are. At one point we had all the babies on the ground on their tummies facing in in a circle and they were all just looking at and studying each other.

Everything is going well here though. Matthew isn’t too keen on the rolling thing. He most certainly knows how to, but rather than rolling to get to something he turns on his tummy and then tries to crawl towards it. It’s very funny to see him doing this and he’s gotten quite quick at the turning, but the crawling is still uncoordinated and he doesn’t get very far. He did inch his way over to see one of the other babies earlier in the week and then decided to suck her hand. Must have been tastier than his own. Was super cute :D

Matthew and Jock (Jock was trying to cuddle in with Matthew)

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