Happiness Project – 10th April until 10th May

May 13th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Thinking Hard

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At the beginning of April, I joined Seven Cerebs on her Happiness Project (along with 100 other people). The goal being to write one sentence per day for a month of something that happens to make you happy or smile on that day.

Some people are chosing to write a blog post each day, some are writing it down on paper, I’ve written all of mine in this blog post and kept it as a draft over the past month.

Day 1 – My husband came home from work and stole Matthew off me so he could have a play and I could have some me time

Day 2 – Matthew gets such solid sleeps when he is snuggled up against me. I love this cuddle time we have as I know soon enough he won’t want it.

Day 3 – While at the library today, Matthew rolled from his back to his front for the first time.

Day 4 – Found out that overal, I’m very healthy

Day 5 – Lay on the floor with my son and we laughed at each other

Day 6 – Took a walk around the park with Rob, Matthew and Jock

Day 7 – Looked at some images a friend took while down in Napier a couple of weeks ago, check them out here and here

Day 8 – After a long evening of a very upset baby, gave him a bath and he calmed right down

Day 9 – Matthew only woke up once last night, which made for a happier mummy during the day

Day 10 – Hung out with the lovely girls from coffee group

Day 11 – Went to an Indian restaurant for dinner, food was fantastic!

Day 12 – Loving being a full time mum and getting to hang out with Matthew as much as I want.

Day 13 – Went up north and caught up with Jacqui, couldn’t believe we were up for 5 hours it went so quickly

Day 14 – Caught up with my uni friends and had a bbq and yummy homemade cake

Day 15 – Got a big Easter egg from my hubby and son, also got a box of Sourched Almonds as Rob didn’t think there would be enough inside the egg

Day 16 – Brought Matthew a bunch of new clothes, used one of the gift vouchers we were given for his baby shower which was very helpful

Day 17 – Just appreciated the smiles and cuddles that I get from my son and husband. Makes everything better

Day 18 – Dressed Matthew in his new jeans and a hoody, he was so cute!

Day 19 – Caught up with Rebecca and had my first eggs benedict since before I was pregnant

Day 20 – Insurance is going to cover my camera + the lenses that broke

Day 21 – Now trying to figure out if I want to replace the same lenses or if I want to get some different ones. I’m such a geek, looking at photography gear makes me happy

Day 22 – Wore my pre-pregnancy jeans, I could get my bum into them and do them up. I even wore them in public!

Day 23 – Went to the supermarket by myself – no husband or baby. An hour by myself was great even though I was only supermarket shopping

Day 24 – Had a lot of fun at Wiggle and Rhyme, lay on the floor of the library afterwards reading to Matthew

Day 25 – Matthew had his first ‘real’ laughing attack, Sarah (my sister) got home from work and Matthew took one look at her and cracked up laughing. We weren’t sure what the joke was but he was pretty amused.

Day 26 – First day I’ve really struggled to find something happy, it’s been a tough day. But my body is feeling quite good, went to the Chiropractor yesterday who adjusted about 5 different areas, glad it worked

Day 27 – Let Matthew have his afternoon sleep on me, used it as an excuse to not do much for a couple of hours.

Day 28 – Had an afternoon sleep, woke up halfway through to find Rob had undone my maternity bra hook and had placed Matthew against my boob for some food. Dozed and once Matthew was done Rob took him away so I could go back to a deep sleep.

Day 29 – My first mothers day. Rob (and Matthew) brought me a dozen red roses, my favourite! Rob also created a card for me with Matthews image on the front, which is super cute. I also took half an hour for myself and waxed my legs, making me feel half human.

Day 30 – Appreciated sitting in a quiet household for a few hours while Matthew slept.

Day 31 – Re read my happiness list over the last month and loved that the simple things in life are what made me happy each day.

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