Matthew – 17 Weeks Old

May 9th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

I’ve discovered why you start losing your hair from about 12 weeks post-partum, it’s not entirely the hormones fault, it’s the little monster that has figured out how to grab and tug at everything and anything, and loves long hair!
Which is the sole reason I don’t have any form of style cut at the moment and my hair is always messily thrown up in a ponytail. I always keep a hairbrush in the diaper bag now because there has been more than once that I’ve jumped in the car, started driving and then realised that I look like I’ve just jumped out of bed, and a quick brush makes a world of difference.
It’s ok though, I’m sure if for any reason I needed to do my hair more than just average I’d be able to manage something somehow.

Everything goes into Matthews mouth now days. This has started to make it quite a bit harder to work out whether he is hungry or not. Not impossible though, I know that if he starts crying and doesn’t stop / cries get louder then he is most certainly hungry, but I do try to get to him before that though. But there is the hungry cry, the tired cry, the ‘I want to be walked around’ cry, the ‘I’m over tummy time’ cry etc. If you’re a mum or have spend a lot of time with an infant, you’ll know that most children do have different cries for a variety of reasons. Early on I couldn’t distinguish between the different cries, I just tried something until it worked. But now it’s nice to know that he’s just having a grizzle and that yes, I’ve still got 2 minutes to finish up what I’m doing before he’ll really decide he’s over it.

Back to everything in the mouth.. he’s now at that stage where yes, you give him something and he’s going to see what it tastes like. But he’s a good little sharer, after having a good taste of his fingers, they must be so good that he wants whoever is holding him at the time to share in the tasting. So slobber covered fingers dance from his mouth towards mine and if my concentration waves for more than a couple of seconds I find a little hand grabbing at my lips and the sweet taste of baby goop.
It’s kinda cool though. It means that he’s growing and learning and doing all those cool things. He’s starting to get out an explore the big wide floor of the lounge, which will be soon followed by any room he can get into, and onto bigger things from there.
But I still love the sleepy cuddles he gives me.



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