Matthew – 12 Weeks Old

April 7th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Matthew

“The first 12 weeks are the hardest”
“Things all seem to fall into place after 12 weeks”

So it gets easier now?

(As I write this, and the reason it’s so late, it’s because Matthew has been going through a growth spurt, combined with no sleep, it hasn’t been easier. But that’s for next week)

We took Matthew away for the first time this past weekend. Rob and his mates were going abseiling and bridge swinging in Napier, so Matthew and I accompanied them down. The drive down wasn’t too bad. Matthew slept for about 3 of the 5 hours drive and the other 2 I sat in the back with him and sang songs and pulled faces. Stopped for a couple of feeds but was pretty sweet in general.
Matthew didn’t like his portacot though. Ended up sleeping with him in our bed just because it was easier than trying to get up every hour. But other than that he was fine. All the guys were really great with him, some wanting more cuddles than others.
The drive home wasn’t as nice. We ended up taking a different route home so the guys could go look at some other bridges. And the route we decided to drive after that took WAY longer than expected. In total it was around 12 hours from when we left Napier to when we arrived back in Auckland. Matthew and I spent most of that in the car, I took him out every chance I got but it was still a very long time, and by the time we were heading into Rotorua, Matthew was over it. I don’t blame him though, I felt the same way.
But we made it home safe and sound, our first big trip away is what we could call a success.

This was one of the swings that the guys did last year, only one of them did it at night, the rest did it during the day:

It was also the last week Rob had off work. We were incredibly lucky that Rob was able to take 12 weeks off work, it’s been fantastic to have him around to help with Matthew. And just the small things like Rob making me something to eat, getting me a glass of water, taking Matthew every now and then in the morning so I can get a couple of extra hours sleep. Am going to miss him being back at work, but we need at least one income. The goal however is for Rob not to work 80 hour weeks anymore and to spend more time at home with his family.

Matthew all dressed up warm in Napier:
Matthew - Dressed up all warm

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