Why I don’t use a Pseudonym

March 13th, 2011 | Posted by Andie in Thinking Hard

After reading Who’s That Girl – Why I Blog Under A Pseudonym, it got me thinking about why I use my real name.

Its because when I started out writing this blog, it didn’t occur to me to not use my real name. I don’t feel that by using my name, or my families names that I’m endangering anyone around me. I don’t blog about things that I haven’t discussed in person with people, if its not public knowledge then I don’t blog about it etc. I keep secrets a secret because thats what they are, they aren’t a new post.

I discussed with Rob about whether I should start using a pseudonym, he didn’t see the point in it. He doesn’t mind me using our real names or the name of our son, which makes me feel more confident about using it. You can even see my picture on my About Me page

I do understand why some people would want keep anonymous. As Glowness points out, there is some freedom with people not knowing who you are on the blog. If a employer is doing a search on you, if someone comes across your blog that you know in real life, using your real name and/or the names of you around makes it easier to determine that it’s actually you, not just ‘might’ be you.

If you blog under your real name, keep in mind that the internet is forever, and whatever you blog and however well or badly you say it, people will be able to find it, under your name, when you’re 90


With all that said, I’m not without a bit of privacy. I do keep a few things to myself. I’m not going to give out my address, finding out the general area I live in might be a stretch. You’re not going to know what my bank account number is. The information you’ll find out about me on the blog is about the same as if we met in the street and decided to have a coffee. I might use a fake name for another person if telling a story about someone that wouldn’t want their name on this blog, and that would probably be because it was a sensitive topic.

I don’t think it’s a necessity to use a pseudonym if you are on the internet. I understand why some people do. But it’s not for me.

Do you use a pseudonym? Why / why not?

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4 Responses

  • Toni says:

    Yeah, I don’t use a pseudonym (it would be pointless anyway as some of my commenters leave my name in their comments LOL) altho I don’t give away too much personal info either.
    I do use nicks for my man and kids, simply to add one more level to their privacy, as we have Crazy Ex-Wife issues to deal with.

  • Dorothy says:

    No, I don’t either. Never occurred to me. Perhaps I’ve never been imaginative enough to come up with a pseudonum. I can’t even think of forum nicknames, usernames, etc, that don’t involve my actual name.

    My life is pretty much an open book, except for address, credit card details, etc. But even though I write about deeply personal stuff, it’s mostly MY stuff, not other people’s stuff.

  • Glowless says:

    Thanks so much for linking back :) Like you, I don’t say anything I wouldn’t say over coffee so there is no real point in my pseudonym, other than appearing cool and mysterious :P

  • Andie says:

    @Toni – ugh, ex’s! I’m lucky I don’t have any crazy ones in my life but I’ve got a very close friend who hasn’t met her partner’s (of 4 years) children because of his Crazy Ex Wife.

    @Dorothy – I know what you mean about the personal stuff, I wouldn’t go putting other peoples life’s up here, especially if they didn’t affect my own in some way

    @Glowness – No worries. Cool and mysterious aye.. that’s a good plan :)

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