Project 365 – Day One

September 6th, 2009 | Posted by Andie in Photography

1/365 - Golfball in mouth

So I’ve decided to give 365 days a go, however due to the fact that even though I am gorgeous, I can’t think of 365 different pictures to take of me, I am going to do Project 365, which is taking a picture a day for a year. I know that it’s probably more convienient to start at the beginning of the year rather than later on, but I think that starting when I have the motivation is better than waiting until Jan 01 then forgetting and not starting.

So this pic was actually the one that inspired me to start, it’s the random things in life that are usually the ones most remembered. Story behind this pic is that Simon was on his way to Aussie, but before his flight we went to the driving range out by the airport. I was happily taking pictures when Simon lies down, puts a tee in his mouth and gets me to take a picture. And yes, Adam did hit the golf ball.

I doubt I will be able to blog about every picture I take, but I’m sure there will be a few that I will want to write about

Day One was 30th August 2009.

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