Hamburger Cupcakes

August 27th, 2009 | Posted by Andie in Recipes

These are incredibly simple to make and look great

1 box Vanilla Cupcake Mix

Cocoa Powder

Icing (sometimes comes in cupcake mix, else use icing sugar and water with consistancy on icing sugar package)

Red, Green and Yellow Food Colouring

Seasome Seeds

1. Make boxed cupcake mixture

2. Divide mixture into 2 seperate bowls – 2/3rds in one bowl and 1/3 in the other

3. Mix cocoa into the smaller sized bowl

4. Continue with baking instructions on box until cupcakes are baked. You should have twice as many vanilla cupcakes as chocolate ones.

5. Let cupcakes cool.

6. Cut vanilla cupcakes in half. Cut chocolate cupcakes in half.

7. Make three different coloured icings. One red, one green, one yellow.

8. Get one vanilla cupcake and one half chocolate cupcake. Place bottom half of vanilla cupcake on plate and place the half chocolate cupcake on top

9. Pipe the 3 different coloured icings onto the half chocolate cupcake.

10. Place the top half of the vanilla cupcake on top

11. Wet top with a little bit of water, and sprinkle seasome seeds on

Hamburger Cupcakes #1

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