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February 10th, 2009 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

The latest trend on Facebook is to write 25 Random Things about yourself once you get tagged in someone elses. Well, I’ve done that, but I figured seeing I spent the time to stop and think about it, I could make it into a blog post.

So here is my 25 Random Things:

1. It annoys me when checkout operators don’t know how to correctly pack shopping bags or trollies

2. I drink between 2.5 and 4 litres of water a day

3. I’m the eldest child, grandchild and great grandchild on all sides of my family

4. I am easily excited by the small things in life, like buying new socks

5. I memorise numbers very quickly. This includes but is not limited to phone numbers, time and dates, and my old ICQ number

6. I just logged onto ICQ and realised that I’ve had one of my rotational web passwords for almost 13 years. It was the name of a boy I had a crush on.

7. I’m quite shy (yes, some of you will find this hard to believe). I hate new social situations. I hate confrontation.

8. I love watching shows like The Biggest Loser whilst eating a packet of biscuits or chocolates or something. It’s an odd guilty pleasure.

9. I don’t like people touching my neck. Not even a little bit.

10. My favourite outfit is a comfy pair of jeans, a singlet top, a hoodie and my sneakers. If I owned no other clothing, I would be satisfied.

11. I can’t bend over and touch my toes. I don’t remember a time that I could.

12. I got banned from watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when I was in kindy. This is because I used to beat up the boys. According to my mum I was the only girl who would play this game

13. When I was 4 my best friend died from a brain hemorage.

14. I can happily re-read books and watch movies that i have seen over and over.

15. My favourite movie is Aladdin. I used to watch it every afternoon on VHS and hence still know it off by heart.

16. The first thing I said to Rob was “can I take your picture”. The next thing I said to him was “Can I put makeup on you”. He let me.

17. If I was born a boy, my name was going to be James Brian Robertson. If my sister was born a boy, that was going to be her name also.

18. I can’t roll my R’s. I sound like a drunken lion when I try

19. I kill plants. Not on purpose, just nothing I have ever grown or tried to grow has lived.

20. I’d love to go on my OE, but all you hear about is people being drunk and broke the whole time. Neither of these appeal to me.

21. I like to listen to people talking. I don’t always feel a need to say something.

22. I find the easiest way to say something is bluntly. I don’t mean to offend people but saying something bluntly seems so much easier than trying to sugar coat it.

23. I think the internet is best part of modern day technology. I love being interested in something and being able to search and find out all about it.

24. I’m full of useless trivia. Racecar and Kayak can be spelt backwards. Cicadas only sing when it is 23°C or warmer.

25. I want at least 2 dogs. This is because I would feel too guilty leaving one at home by itself when I go out. At least with 2 they can be lonely together.

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