Karate Update

December 16th, 2008 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

I’m back at karate this week after having had 2 weeks off. Taking it easy due to a sprained ankle.

Had grading on Saturday. I think aside from the black belts, I was the only adult that didn’t grade. Almost the whole dojo paritcipated (from ages 7 up) so we had a good 60 people in the gym. We hired out the basketball courts downstairs because there wouldn’t have been enough room to move otherwise.

Warmed up with stretching, basis (punches blocks and kicks). Moved into line work. The little dragons (ages 7-11yrs) put on their sparing gear and spared against the adults, though we weren’t allowed to hit them back. When it came the adults turn to spar each other, Graham and I took the kids. The did some punches and kicks against bags, then got to break breakable boards with kicks and elbow strikes.

We had 5 juniors going for their black belt, so they continued longer and harder than the rest of us against the current black belts. The then broke wood with a range of kicks and punches. Overal they did very well.

Last night (Monday night) was a light class. We did a quick warm up then practised self defense from wrist grabs and knife attacks for 90 minutes. I had sore wrists after that, but it was good as I was peered with Ryan and Graham, both of who are bigger and stronger than me and the manuviours worked.

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