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January 16th, 2008 | Posted by Andie in Thinking Hard

I’ve been reading up on blogging lately. Reading tips, hints, do’s and don’ts, and of course, blogs themselves.I came across this: guaranteed it’s very self explanitory, but more importantly I like the style and the way this was put together.


There is a huge variety in the way blogs are put together and written. WordPress and blogger are probably the biggest out there, allowing people who either can’t or are just too lazy *cough* to write their own websites to blog. The term blog comes from Web Log, just got shortened as everything does on the internet.

But I have also discovered you don’t need to write your blog like you would a newspaper. 100 words is a New Zealand blog where the guy aims to write no more than 100 words per article. This is actually a skill to do. You need to be able to say everything within a limit (remember those essays you had to write at college!) But nevertheless, not bad to have a browse through.

Kiwiology is another site I fell upon. Basically it is a list of New Zealand blogs. 411 blogs so far. Worth a look if you’ve got some time.One of the most popular topics of blogging that people want to know about is: How do I generate traffic to my site? It’s simple, you write about a topic that you are interested in. Blogging is just another form of writing. Your own voice often comes out when you blog, write with what feels natural. Don’t write how/about what you think other people want to hear. You’ll lose interest if your true interest is world domination, but all you write about is the south pole because thats what you think you should write about. You’ll also find that those going to your site won’t want to read more because it sounds so fake.


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