I went and saw Sum41 in concert when I was 16

January 15th, 2008 | Posted by Andie in Ramble

I’m sitting here at my desk, bopping away to Sum41 – Fat Lip, drinking my 1.5litre bottle of water, having no idea why I am writing because I don’t have a topic to write about, so instead you are all going to get to know what tabs I currently have open and why:

Tab1: PLT1.com -> Posting
Tab2: Trademe.co.nz -> Looking for somewhere to live
Tab3: YahooXtra.co.nz -> Browsing Gossip Pages
Tab4: FitSugar.com -> Often updated site about healthy things
Tab5: RedStrawberries.co.nz -> My website
Tab6: YouTube.com -> Now bopping away to Numa Numa song
Tab7: Facebook.com -> Playing Scrabble
Tab8: Homeads.co.nz -> Looking at a place off trademe
Tab9: Tri.co.nz -> Thinking about doing this as a challenge
Tab10: Sourceforge.net -> Looking for free AVI file size compressing program
Tab11: FitMusic.com -> Looking for good playlists to work out too

Still bopping away. It’s nice and sunny today. I think I will go get an icecream later on. And I will enjoy the icecream as I scramble to stuff it as quickly into my mouth as possible so it doesn’t melt

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