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November 27th, 2007 | Posted by Andie in Thinking Hard

O man, the phrase what a week it’s been doesn’t quite cover it. For starters, it’s Tuesday. Then there is the whole fact that it’s not just what has been, but also what is coming. The whole christmas thing. I think that even if it wasn’t christmas time, well, no, long drawn out periods like this only happen in the coming up to christmas time. It’s the whole holiday thing. We have 2 parts to our year, the first half and the second half. The first half has *turns out google search is better than yahoo search and that the answer is most easily found on wikipedia* 11 statutory holidays + their city aniversary day. These are days that us normal people who work in offices and stuff get to have off. So out of these 12 days, 9 of them are in the first half of the year, meaning that the stretch for the second half of the year is LONG. 3 public holidays, but only one of them really count (Christmas and Boxing Day don’t really count because they are so close to New Years. So from the first Monday in June, till the 4th Monday in October, we have no public holidays. Bummer huh?

Work for the better part of the week does suck. It’s time you can’t spend playing WoW, going to the beach, sleeping during the middle of the day etc. You have to sit at your desk, serve the customers, restock the shelves, nail some wood together, whatever you do, that whilst it may or may not be fun at the beginning, it gets repeditive. PLEASE, just a little bit more variation. How about more cake, more lollies in the lolly jar, more game time at work! Because even Flash games get boring. And the ones that aren’t boring, that you can play for hours, DON’T HAVE A PAUSE BUTTON! This is, incredibly annoying, because the one piece of work that comes in when you are half way through this game is urgent, meaning you have to lose the game.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind working. In fact, I work at a great job. It’s just a lot to do with the “when there is a lack of work to do” you still need to be avaliable durning certain hours.

They took away our lolly jar of nice lollies and put yucky lollies in it, because we were eating too many of the nice ones. Now even the health fit lady is screaming for chocolate! I come prepared tho. I bring my chocolate chip museli bar and a few mini cookies in with me each day. I eat my breakfast cereal with fruit in the morning, chew gum to give me something to do, eat lunch then once it gets to the 3pm slug stage, i pull out my museli bar and cookies. They not only taste yummy, they also make me feel more speical than anyone else because i have cookies and they don’t! I also have managed to survive the whole drinking 3 cups of coffee a day so far. I just sit here with my mizone bottle drinking cold water (we have a ice water tap). Usally manage to get through 3ish bottles a day, only filled up my second bottle of the day tho today.

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Me on the left, My mate Taz on the right. I like her hair this colour. Photo was taken almost three years ago. I still have both tops that I was wearing in that photo. I think the jeans ripped.

They have done up the park across the road from work. This means that there are swings. And these aren’t pissy kid swings either, they are designed to hold adults :D Swings are cool. Turns out I still get nauseas from going too high too fast tho. Doesn’t matter, swings are cool.

Someone buy me a 8800GTS.

Still no work to do.

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