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September 18th, 2007 | Posted by Andie in Thinking Hard

… at work, which is why I’m throwing around a soft yellow footy stress ball which was given to us by these nice people.

I’m thinking of making my website into a wordpress one. Why? Solely because my site looks ok as is as a portfolio, but it sucks terriblely when it comes to trying to put posts on there. And I’m pretty lazy and can’t be f’d writing a new one. The hardest thing with wordpress is trying to find out what template to use. If I could be bothered I could just design my own. But once again, it’s hard to be motivated when someone else has done the work for you.

Wouldn’t error pages just look so much better like this? But people are just too lazy to create them. It’s a little sad that people just don’t spend enough time focusing on the small details. They all want their site to be big and flashy. And make lots of money for them. But most people should suck it up when they no one replies to their posts and read these tips first.

Speaking of advertising, all you uni bums need to get back out there with your chalk

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