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September 17th, 2007 | Posted by Andie in Thinking Hard

So, graduation is only a week away for me now. And you’d think, graduation, nice way to kill two hours in total boredom. But I’m only going to do it once at this stage (until I decide to go back and do more studies, which may or may not happen). Heres the thing they don’t tell you, it’s really F’n exepensive, yes that is a capital F. Regalia hire: $75, +$85 bond tho you luckily get that 85 back. Photos: $65, Cute Teddy Bear $55; Family Stuff: More money! But like i say, only going to do it once, might as well get the teddy bear. Plus there is the whole free champange breakfast, free second champange breakfast, free champange lunch…

How to get a free IPhone

My car went for a service about 6 weeks ago. All went well and the car is in good working order, but the carborator is due to go soon, and it’s not worth financially getting it fixed :( Looks like I’m going to be getting me a new car. However, because of my superly super secretly hidden away inheritance fund, i’m going to treat myself to this.

I should go have lunch. It’s not like I’ve had much to do at work today.


Some people will do anything for fame, tho you should view this clip first

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